Click&Clean 3.6.5

Make securing Firefox even easier


  • Cleans sensitive data from your browser
  • Erases LSOs
  • Will run external application when finished


  • Better scheduling options would be good

Very good

Click&Clean is a Firefox add-on that makes the job of cleaning up traces of your browsing much easier.

When you use the internet, Firefox stores information about where you have been and what you have done. You can remove this information manually, but if you want to do it on a regular basis, the job can become a bit boring.

Click&Clean performs this job automatically. Under options, you'll be able to choose when the cleaning happens and whether or not you want a warning before it starts. You'll also be able to specify if you want Click&Clean to remove LSOs (local shared objects, or "super cookies"), which is a nice touch.

Being an add-on, Click&Clean is an quick, low-effort way to keep Firefox trace-free. As well as the normal cleaning job, it also allows you to automatically run a third-party application when it has finished and an anti-spyware or cleaning application like Ad-Aware or CCleaner would be just perfect for the job.

Keep Firefox clean and tidy with an add-on like Click&Clean.



Click&Clean 3.6.5

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